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Sugar Industry Chains (Cane and Beet)

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Sugar Industry Chains (Cane and Beet)

JOHN KING CHAINS is one of the longest standing producers of Sugar Chains.

They are unique in being able to offer the widest range of conveyor chains encountered.The most typical is that of Engineering class chains that can be found all through the process from introduction of cane to finish product transport and moving grate applications.

In addition JOHN KING CHAINS are able to offer chains of cast construction and uniquely can produce chains in a variety of cast steels including carbon,alloy, and both martensitic and austenitic stainless steels.

Forged chains are also within the programme including riverless chains that with their robust and simple construction have proven to work well on feed tables and Forged fork link chains which are used on some types of intercarriers.

JOHN KING CHAINS can support the customer in every area of the plant whether in Cane or beet processing.

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