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King BulkMaster Conveyor and Elevator construction

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Drive arrangements

Two principal options are available. Firstly an integrally mounted geared motor unit driving the sprocket shaft through a totally enclosed chain drive incorporating a King design shear pin overload device. Secondly on large drives we employ a motor coupled to a gear unit through a coupling and mounted on an independent base.

Drive station with chain tranmission

Direct drive through a coupling

Drive and Tension terminals

Shafts from best quality materials mounted on self-aligning ball and roller bearings. Shaft sealing affected with special high integrity packers. Sprockets with hardened and replaceable flanges for easy replacement. Panels over head and tail shafts allows for easy and safe inspection.

Tension terminal with screw takeup

Tension terminal with spring loaded “live” tensioning

Conveyor and Elevator casing

Conveyor and Elevator sections manufactured from hot rolled strip mill steel. Standard recommendation for forged chain wear rail is high manganese steel offering unique work hardening properties. Modern manufacturing techniques ensure a high degree of accuracy ensuring perfect alignment between mating faces, outlets and ports.

Special features – For handling hot, wet, abrasive and or corrosive product special considerations to materials can be applied for casing materials, liners and chain components.

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