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Mission statement and values

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Mission statement

Our mission is to produce high-performing products and solutions, in a safe, efficient and consistent manner that is aimed at surpassing the expectations of our global customers. We will support our products by providing superior customer care.

Our care extends to the environment, employees, their families and the wider community. We endeavour to provide a safe, rewarding work environment that recognises individual achievement and fosters the skills of teamwork and communication.

Our shared values

The challenges of competing in a global market are changing all the time, so it is essential to our continued success that everyone who works at John King has the same positive attitude.

What will never change is the commitment to a high degree of professionalism conducted with a high level of courtesy.

There are six-elements to the John King Group positive attitude:

The manufacturers ‘Mentality’

A total commitment to ‘Quality’

With a primary focus on ‘Safety’

With a high level of ‘Integrity’

With an objective to ‘Innovate’

Always remembering to ‘Enjoy’ life in the Kingdom!

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