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Cement Industry Chains

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Cement Industry Chains

JOHN KING CHAINS have Offered Cement industry Chains for over half a century. Originally constructing mechanical handling equipment this allows the Company a unique insight into the special demands of cement industry materials transport. JOHN KING CHAINS are well placed to offer the majority of chains encountered commencing in the quarry with heavy duty plate feeder chains, stockpiling and reclaiming of raw materials including Limestone, Shale, Coal and Gypsum. Hot clinker transport. Elevators for various duties .Ancillary equipment in precipitator dust handling, packaging and alternative fuel conveying.

JOHN KING Chains had their tradition in cast link chain production in iron and steels. Manganese steel or Hadfield steel is typical in clinker drags where the harsh environment encountered is well suited to this material which has unique work hardening characteristics.

The preference in newer equipment tends to be to carry the clinker in buckets or pans with perimeter chains and outboard rollers.

JOHN KING CHAINS has particular strengths in mill duty elevator chain design drawn from long experience notably in single strand centrifugal discharge elevators and in there Crusader welded steel drag link which has been well received in both retrofit and new applications.

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