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Chains for Asphalt Production

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Chains for Asphalt Production

The use of conveyor chains is synonymous with Asphalt production where hot handling and abrasion make chains a pre-requisite.

The principal applications include hot stone elevating with chain and buckets from the dryer, drag slat for asphalt transport often to heated bins, inclined pan systems typically seen in batch plants and various drag bar chains used in pavers.

In addition to existing chain series, equipment manufacturers have over the years introduced their own standards within their equipment which has seen the development of a wide range of styles and types.

JOHN KING CHAINS is well placed to fulfill requirements for both American standards where drag slats are predominant and European types where static plants with hot stone elevators are more typical.

JOHN KING Chains have developed their own works standard in the MAXI series which covers a range of crank link steel bush chains produced to a high specification that have proven performance with original equipment manufacturers over many years. JOHN KING Chains have supplied paver manufacturers with various drag bar assemblies for this mobile equipment. All chains are similar in application , but vary in terms of dimensions and materials employed.

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