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Health and Safety Policy Statement

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John King Chains Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all its employees and to protect the safety of contractors, customers, visitors and all other persons affected by our operations.

This is to be achieved by assessing all significant risks, designing safe systems of work and eliminating hazards where reasonably practicable. Safety for others and ourselves is our primary concern when planning John King Chains Ltd future development.

We are committed to:

  • Reducing the incidents of personal injury and occupational illness.
  • Consulting on health and safety issues, with all company employees, including sub-contractors.
  • Ensuring that all foreseeable significant risks have been identified and assessed to reduce the risk to its lowest level so far as is reasonably practicable so that accidents, incidents and ill-health are prevented.
  • Minimising loss caused through near miss reporting, property damage, fire and breaches of security.
  • Ensuring all buildings, plant and equipment are maintained and comply with current legislative requirements.
  • Providing training, instruction and information to maintain a level of competency throughout the company to meet legislative requirements that can be applied to the business operations.
  • Ensuring adequate resources and funding are available to seek to improve health, safety and the environment.
  • Encouraging/supporting managers/staff in their resolution of safety issues to promote improvements and to ensure that health and safety procedures are implemented by all employees including sub-contractors.
  • Adopting auditing and monitoring regimes to ensure compliance is achieved.
  • Setting suitable targets and objectives with the aim of attaining continual improvement in health and safety in all the Company’s operations.

We will always strive to comply with all health, safety and environmental legislation.
It is the responsibility of all employees to co-operate with this policy to work safely and to prevent being exposed to unnecessary risk.
Managers must ensure that employees are not asked to work in unsafe conditions, and we welcome the initiative of employees where health, safety and environment can be sensibly improved.

“Safety for others and ourselves is a primary concern in all that we do.”

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