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BulkMaster Conveyors and Elevators

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The principals of King BulkMaster Conveying and Elevating

  • Also described as en masse conveying this relates to the unique method of conveying bulk materials cleanly, gently and economically.
  • Material is introduced into a sealed conveyor casing, horizontally, on an incline or vertically or a combination of the three. Versatility is the unique ingredient.
  • Material is introduced into the conveyor at any point in a uniform load.
  • The skeletal flight configuration (refer flight attachment options p. 9-10) induces the material to flow in a solid, placid column.
  • The John King BulkMaster is not a scraper conveyor. There is no dragging or scraping action. The material simply moves forward as a solid, uniform mass.

The benefits of the King BulkMaster handling system

  • Capital costs Equipment proves to be competitively priced as compared to other forms of handling systems allowing for quicker pay back periods.
  • Power Consumption Significantly lower as compared to other forms of handling equipment for example the system can be as low as 1/10 of dense phase conveying.
  • Low cost maintenance Heavy duty rigid conveyor sections in simple modules, high strength forged conveyor chain, choke detection, overload and under-speed switches and high performance wear rails combine to ensure easy maintenance at infrequent intervals.
  • Labour Saving Manual to fully automatic control of individual or multiple machines systems provided by proven and user friendly control systems.
  • Environmentally friendly Totally enclosed machines and transfer points with dust tight and weather proof construction.
  • Health and Safety compliant Safety assured with all moving parts fully enclosed and inaccessible. Explosion vent panels ATEX approved (94/9/CE) as required.
  • Versatility and adaptability Unique features of King BulkMaster equipment offers best versatility in considering plant layout and adaptability in handling virtually all varieties of dry bulk materials.
  • Gentle handling Material moved en masse as a solid, uniform and placid column with the chain skeletal form ensures degradation of vulnerable products is virtually eliminated. Chain flight design allows the material column to change direction through bends without degradation.
  • Proven performance Established in 1926 John King has unique experience in handling bulk materials in a multiplicity of Industrial applications Worldwide.

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