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Welcome to John King Chains

John King is a family-owned manufacturing company founded in 1926. The fifth generation of the family are now working in the business. The business is now focused on provision of a total supply package to the materials handling industry. Comprising chains and sprockets to conveyor systems and their eventual installation and maintenance.

The modern business employs best in class manufacturing techniques including CNC machining, Fibre laser technology and Robotics. This ensures highest quality, consistent and competitive product. Our people are at the heart of our Kingdom, constantly driving the business forward whilst showing commitment and dedication to make us the success we are.

Together we search for continuous improvement and product innovation.


Today JOHN KING offer the widest range of conveyor chains of any manufacturer this making us unique in being able to offer an infinite number of chain types in a variety of materials and constructions for a multiplicity of industrial mechanical handling applications.

As key part of our continuous research examination of process requirements, including optimum materials selection, heat treatment and the implementation of best techniques in production.

This is because we know that adopting the best quality chain components ensures the highest levels of availability and minimizes the possibility of unscheduled downtime.

Welded Steel Chains

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American Standard Engineering Chains

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Cast Chains

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Metric Chain M/FV Series

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Maxi Chains

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British Standard Conveyor Chains

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Rivetless Chains

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Transmission Chains

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Detachable Chains

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Plastic (Acetal) Chains

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High Manganese Wear Rail

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At John King Chains we can provide sprockets relating to all chains in the master catalogue, we also pride ourselves in being able to provide specials to any customer requirements.

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Laser profiling

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John King Laser is a division of the long established Chain manufacturer. We are generally considered to be is one of the most progressive operations in precision cutting and processing of metal components in the market.

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Site services

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The John King Service Division employ a highly skilled team of Engineers solely dedicated to the Service & Maintenance of Bulk Material Handling Equipment.

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Flowmaster conveyors

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Unique features of King Flowmaster equipment offers best versatility in considering plant layout and adaptability in handling virtually all varieties of dry bulk materials.

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John King working with a along established lubricants manufacturer, has developed an industry specific range of greases and oils, specifically developed, where lubrication os appropriate, to support the John King Chains products.

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Bakery systems

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John King Ozarks is the union between John King Chains England and Ozarks Equipment Solutions, Arkansas USA. These two long established family businesses have combined to create the new force in supply of equipment and services to the Bakery Industry.

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The John King Chains company supplies its products to a wide range of industries.


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Biomass and EFW Plants

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Theme Park

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Welcome to John King Chains

The John King Company was established in Leeds, England in 1926. Early success was achieved in the manufacture of mechanical handling equipment for the rapid mechanisation of the coal industry. In these early days conveyor chain was generally of cast link construction. The Company therefore has unrivalled experience in the production of highest quality cast link chains in ductile irons and steel under the “Climax Quality Brand”. JOHN KING are undoubtedly the world leaders in this range of conveying chains.

Rich Heritage

Materials Processing Solutions since 1926

Team Work

Working together Makes us Better

Continuous improvement

Quality is Our Priority

The experts at exporting

Unprecedented success in the development of export markets





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21-23 June 2022

Hillhead 2022 – The UK’s largest Quarrying, Construction & Recycling Exhibition

Harpur Hill, Buxton SK17 9PR, UK

6 October 2021
Benefits of flowmaster handling systems SINGLE SOURCE – Full design and manufacturing service. REDUCED CAPITAL COSTS – As compared to alternative systems. LOWER POWER CONSUMPTION – Significantly reduced. LOW COST OF MAINTENANCE – Robust construction employing best materials. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Dust and weatherproof casings. HEALTH AND SAFETY COMPLIANT – Safety assured construction. VERSATILITY AND ADAPTABILITY– Best option in considering […]
30 September 2021
On Behalf of John King Chains Thank you to all our valued customers, friends and colleagues for taking the time to visit the John King stand during RWM 2021. The exhibition allowed us the opportunity to talk about how our recent acquisition of Precision Chains and how this has further strengthened our position as the leading UK manufacturer of conveyor […]
8 July 2021
The Directors of John King Chains Ltd are delighted to announce the acquisition of Precision Chains Ltd the UK based specialists in design and manufacture of conveyor chains for a wide range of applications. The Owner of Precision Chains supported its acquisition by John King Chains Ltd. It was considered that the Company was best placed to protect the legacy […]

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