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12 January 2022Case study

The Customer is a World leader in the manufacturer of wood fibre insulation board. The production techniques employed have been developed overtime and are unique to the business. The principals are similar to plywood production, but there are unique techniques employed in manipulating the fibre to create the correct characteristics. A well-established process, so not exclusive in this case, is […]

John King, creating a ‘chain’ reaction of improvements

ORGANISATION Hawaiian-Philippines Company (HPCo) Sugar LOCATION Silay City, Philippines DATE 2018 Client Issue On the main cane carrier chain at HPCo, the client was unable to get through a milling season with their previous competitors chain. This was due to excessive component wear, caused by cyclical overloading and therefore making the system extremely inefficient. John King Exploration Site Visit John […]

Truck Dump Sprocket Conversion – Board Plant – North America

29 October 2020Case study, Sprocket

The application is a truck dump drive sprocket, handling wood chip. Success of the product in Europe and US is attracting interest whereby the customer is looking for an improved design to reduce cost of ownership, downtime, maintenance and improved safety rating. John Kings have designed and implemented a complete drop in drive unit, that when required, removable sprocket segmental […]

Paper Mill – North America

12 October 2020Case study

John Kings were approached by an international conveyor builder facing ongoing chain issues because of incorrect chain selection and difficult material (salt cake). After detailed analysis, both on-site and via in house modelling John King Chain implemented the following conveyor conversion resulting in a successfully operating system with 1 year so far of no down time or maintenance. Conversion from […]

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