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Timber Industry Chains

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Timber Industry Chains

The Timber Industry represents one of the key industries for JOHN KING CHAINS. We are well placed to service timber products producers across the whole spectrum including particle board manufacturers (Chip board, medium density fibreboard and OSB being the primary products). Within this sector JOHN KING CHAINS are able to cover European equipment where Forged Chain is predominant together with Welded Steel Chain typically seen in American technology.

Saw mills use a wide variety of chains but again there are popular series all available from JOHN KING Chains including Din standards M series and FV series according to Din 8167 and Din 8165 although the chains are generally bush series or a type there are a multiplicity of attachments available including F,K,L,G and special cradle and wing types. In addition JOHN KING Chains can also offer the Scandinavian standard SMS1698.

A popular element to then program are a comprehensive series of sharp top chains according to BS and ASA standards. These are featured in the JOHN KING Transmission chain catalogue. Most popular sizes of sharp top chain are available from stock. Also included under transmission are extended pitch chains according to American C series and various hybrids based on transmission chain construction with pushers, top rollers and a variety of special attachments.

JOHN KING CHAINS and their ability to produce bespoke chains makes them well placed to produce special series paper roll chains used in infloor conveyors and similar special series.

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