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Paper Mill – North America

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Paper Mill – North America

John Kings were approached by an international conveyor builder facing ongoing chain issues because of incorrect chain selection and difficult material (salt cake). After detailed analysis, both on-site and via in house modelling John King Chain implemented the following conveyor conversion resulting in a successfully operating system with 1 year so far of no down time or maintenance.

  1. Conversion from WDH110/WING Every. 2nd @ OAW 22” and every 20th Pitch 24” wing to John King Chains Drop Forged JKF14218TN/BT2X600/SS 600 mm – 23.62” OAW (that’s in the middle of two) – drawing D-8683-18. WDH110 has a Breaking Load of 55’000 lb ~ 245 kN, to JKF14218 with a UTS of 290 kN.
  2. 10 Tooth Sprockets to be converted to 10 tooth Bi-Segmental Sprockets with segmental teeth. See D-8453-18 and D-8454-18. PD of WDH Sprocket = 19.42” (493 mm) V’s JKF14218 10 tooth = 18.90” (480 mm).
  3. WDH110 experiencing material packing so JK to introduce Angled Scavengers/Diggers. See drawing DWG-8683-18. Includes Hard weld on both sides and bottom to make total of 24” OAW, machined to create sharp cutting edges to remove packing material of salt cake.
  4. Introduction of AISI 420 (X?) Martensitic Stainless-Steel pins – The best selection of material for both abrasive and corrosive environments. Excellent wear properties and can be heat treated.
  5.  Introduce Mn High Manganese work hardening wear strips with groove. To be positioned and welded in place 0.5” approx. higher than current side wear strips and on bottom of conveyor to protect it. See drawing D-8453-18.
  6. Half Moon Curved AR400 back plate to be added See drawing D-8453-18. Needs to be added to take up unit so can move independently and in union.
  7. Very Important: Sprocket cleaners to be introduced to prevent packing of material. See photo.
D-8683-18 sheet 1
D-8683-18 sheet 2

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