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John King Chains freight terms after Brexit

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John King Chains freight terms after Brexit

Dear Customer.

As everyone is no doubt aware Brexit has now happened, and to all our benefit, a trade agreement was successfully put in place.

Although it is early days, and we all learn to work around the new regulations, our changes are now finalised.

For the benefit of controls for our customers, John King Chains will always price and quote on an “Ex Works” incoterms basis, unless specifically asked by the customer to quote otherwise.  This means the control of the freight is in our customers hands.

However, regardless of what scenario, or incoterms quoted, there are new documentation requirements that were put in place from the 1st January 2021.

From this date we need to produce a formal commercial invoice which needs to have the below info regardless of the incoterm. 

  1. Delivery address (regardless goods being collected by your transport agency or John King Chains shipping).
  2. Your VAT registration Number needs to appear on the consignee details of the commercial invoice.
  3. Email and phone number of the person responsible for liaising with your freight forwarder or customs broker. This person should also know and be authorised to use your company deferment account in order to speed up the customs clearance and avoid unnecessary delays.

Our intention is to be able to offer to quote you on DAP terms to your desired address, once we are aware of the weights and dimensions of your order after it is wrapped and packed.

Any DAP quote would now include the cost of the export declaration (30€) + usual freight charges.

Under DAP it is extremely important to make you aware that as you are the consignee (importer of record), you will need to arrange with your freight forwarder or customs broker all import customs formalities. The Export would be completed by John King Chains.

Where an agreement is made on a DDP basis, this will include the additional charges for Import declarations due at the country of delivery.  This will mean the export and import declarations will be charged at 75€ plus usual freight charges.

Any queries please contact our Logistics Controller for assistance at any time.

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