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Strong Chains for Sugar Processing

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Do you work in the sugar industry and need a partner for your supply of processing chains?

At John King Chains, one of our specialities is Sugar Industry Chains for the processing of cane and beet, with our experts manufacturing a wide range of chains suitable for this industry.

Our processing chains include those for a typical process layout, including mill-type systems and diffuser systems, along with harvester chains and combination chains for feed and washing tables.

Among our range of chains for sugar processing are those for Megasse and Bagasse handling which come with an F style attachment which can be mounted across the chains. Extremely long-lasting, these Sugar Mill Chains offer excellent economic performance. Since they are designed purely for haulage, they do not need a carrier roller.

John King Chains also cover a range of other industries, including cement, bakery, theme parks, palm oil, asphalt production and water treatment. We serve both the British and North American markets for chains and are proud to play a part in maintaining the special relationship between these two countries.

Why not discover more our chains for the sugar industry?

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