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Looking To Order Mining Industry Chains?

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The mining industry has always been an important sector to John King Chains and we supply a wide range of chains to mining companies all over the world. In fact, our very origins lie in the mechanisation of the coal industry in the UK.

We can supply chains for many mining applications, including those for fixed and mobile equipment for underground or surface purposes. Whether you require highly reliable tram chains, breaker chains, drop forge rivet-less chains or BC bucket chains, John King Chains can produce the chains you need for all sorts of purposes.

Our mining industry chains and accessories include:

  • Shuttle cars which use drag bars to efficiently remove cutting material.
  • Feeder breakers which come with pick mounted rolls.
  • Various chains for round headers and dint headers in development.
  • Cardan or bi-planer chains. This multidirectional series is employed in continuous mining machinery.
  • Round link style chains with flight shackles regularly used for coal and other mineral transport.

In addition, we have a multitude of options for flight fixing and chain connections. We work with companies in the mining industry all over the world, supplying strong and reliable chains for all types of equipment.

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