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Find A Manufacturer Of Chains For Conveyors

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Have you been set out to find a reliable manufacturer of chain conveyors? By using our latest engineered chains, you can guarantee quality, efficiency and reliability. Our team is professional, technical and focused on every project they undertake and will have no issues in working with you to produce your chains for your conveyor.

For over 80 years now we have manufactured and supplied chains, sprockets, manganese wear rail and more. We’ve seen the development within our industry and always ensure our customers we are invested in the now. Our manufacturing processes are supported by the latest technology and processes for manufacturing, which guarantee efficiency and superiority with each chain we construct.

We consider our approach to be traditional, but we have provided chains for a whole host of industries, including theme parks, asphalt production and more.

We help the theme park industry with creating bespoke chains, which are trusted all over the world at the leading parks. We also have experience working in the USA on prestigious theme parks and are available to provide replacement chains for broken down roller coasters and other rides.

Our developed experience under the ‘Climax Quality Brand’ in producing the highest quality cast link chains in iron and steel. We’re considered the world leader of conveyor chains.

With our constantly evolving processes, we can showcase innovative technology, such as our new welding robot.

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