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Finding the best quality conveyor chains from a company you can trust is important to connecting your ideas and practical solutions. At John King Chains, we have supplied chains, sprockets and more for over 80 years.

With an ever-changing technological world, our team have had to constantly evolve to keep up with today’s world. Although our approach is very much traditional, we have provided chains for theme parks, asphalt production and more.

We help the theme park industry with our ability to create bespoke chains, which are trusted all over the world. We have experience working in the USA on prestigious theme parks and can provide replacement chains for broken down roller coaster and rides.

From our warehouse in Leeds, we have developed experience under the ‘Climax Quality Brand’ in producing the highest quality cast link chains in iron and steel. With that, our company at John King has developed into a world leader of conveyor chains.

It’s unique that we offer such a diverse selection of chains suitable for multiple industries and mechanical handling applications. With our constantly evolving processes, we can showcase innovative new technology, such as our new welding robot. Check out how it has helped us by looking at our news page.

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