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TruLaser 3040 Fiber has Launched!

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TruLaser 3040 Fiber has Launched!

To add to our existing armoury of cutting equipment we are pleased to announce the launch of the newest and best laser technology available Nationwide, the TruLaser 3040 Fiber.

Why will this machine take our laser capabilities to the next level?

First of all it’s faster than any other machine on the market allowing for quick turnaround of parts and delivery to our fabrication division. BrightLine Fiber guarantees the highest quality cut. The TruStore steel storage system allows loading and processing of parts even when the lights are off allowing us to meet all our customer needs.

This machine allows us to work smarter, faster, more efficiently with the added benefit of being highly cost effective for both us and our customers.

With our other 2 Laser cutting machines this new piece of equipment adds huge benefits and maximises capacity in the kingdom!

Take a look at our video below, William Wadsworth Sales Director and Nicholas McDermott our Operations Director discuss John King Laser and the benefits of our latest technology.

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