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Tribute to the late John Makenzi Mwali

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Tribute to the late John Makenzi Mwali

Message of Condolence from David Wadsworth Managing Director.

It is with regret that we announce the death of John Makenzi Mwali the late father of Super Mak – Peter Makenzie our Sales manager in John King Equatorial, Kenya.

Peter joined John King in 2011 and in the following 10 years I have spent many hours sitting beside Peter as he expertly negotiated what can loosely be described as roads as we travelled the length and breadth of Kenya on John King business. Some of these road trips were so extended that you would need to take a shave on arrival at your destination! We also enjoyed typical Kenyan food together. The famous Kenyan “nyama choma” roasted goat meat and Ugali a green leafed vegetable that grows wild and not to forget “managu” a maize slab which we came to describe as “the brick”. Spending so much time together allowed us to get to know each other and learn a good deal about each other’s life experience. What was clear was that father John, who was undoubtedly very important to Peter, had a full life and Peter, the great story teller, would recount some of the experiences of his father spending his formative years under British rule.

Mr. John Makenzi Mwali was born in 1922 so he certainly had a good innings as they say. The young Makenzi would later join a Ranch owned by a whiteman (a Mzungu) in the Mua hills. This is where he learned how to drive and this undoubtedly helped him in joining probably the most famous African regiment the Kenya African Rifles (KAR) in 1941. During the 2nd World war he was posted to Burma, fought the Japanese and came back safely. Can you imagine what a challenging experience that must have been for a Young African serving King and Country from another Continent. He also served under the Brits during the Suez crisis spending time to Israel. Peter would say how great were his memories for this country “where Jesus was born, real rich news!”

Peter lost his mother in 1978 aged 38yrs. He tells us how the late soldier consulted with family and elders and it was agreed he needed another partner. He remarried in 1979.

Although a born and bred Kenyan John’s allegiance to the Crown remained steadfast throughout his life. Similarly Peter, formerly an employee if Barclays Bank feels the same. It is his clear conviction that the Brits should return and “get things back on track”. That’s a thought?

John leaves behind
Children 5 sons, 5 daughters. One son and two daughters had already passed.
Grandchildren = 33
Great Grandchildren = 37 (enough for a classroom!)

John certainly made best efforts to swell the numbers of the Camba tribe !

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