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The undisputed Kings of Laser profiling and fabrication

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The undisputed Kings of Laser profiling and fabrication

To add to our existing armoury of cutting equipment we are pleased to announce the installation of the newest and best laser technology available Nationwide.

TruLaser 3040 fiber
Source: TRUMPF Group

Trulaser 3040 Fibre 4000×2000 bed with integrated lift master and plate  storage tower for unrivalled efficiency in parts production.

  • Group strength to support ongoing investment in best manufacturing,
  • Maximum cutting availability with automated plate storage and handling,
  • Dramatic increase in available processing capacity,
  • Full range of supplementary manufacturing processes,
  • Bespoke manufacturing service – design, manufacture, install,
  • Quality management in accordance with Company MQS ISO 9001 2015 the latest standard.
Design capability
In house material Analysis
Press braking – 200 tons 4000 mm
Robot welding
Powder coating

The TruLaser 3030 fiber, TruLaser 3040 fiber and the TruLaser 3060 fiber – the fast machines for all your cutting tasks. They impress with their high level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness: you can cut all sheet thickness profitably. The TruDisk solid-state laser enables the processing of non-ferrous metals and provides you with a productivity benefit in thick and thin sheet. BrightLine fiber guarantees the highest edge quality and facilitates part removal; numerous other functions ensure the highest reliability and performance possible.

  • The best results without compromise
    BrightLine fiber facilitates excellent part quality and seamless removal of the parts.
  • Intricate cutting even in thick mild steel
    With the CoolLine function, you can even create small contours in thick mild steel.
  • Utilise remainder sheets – post-produce parts easily
    Using Drop&Cut, you can easily post-produce parts from remainder sheets.
  • Simple machine operation
    The menu navigation on the large display works intuitively. Integrated cutting parameters increase the level of process reliability.
  • Increased machine availability
    Condition Guide always monitors the condition of your machine.
  • Reliability without microjoints
    Smart collision prevention reduces the risk of collisions during laser cutting.
  • Accurate position recognition
    DetectLine determines the position of the sheet and enables the precise reworking of cut parts.
  • Highspeed and Highspeed Eco
    A new nozzle design reduces nitrogen consumption by up to 60% – for twice the sheet throughput.
Source: TRUMPF Group

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