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19.7 Typical maintenance schedule

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  1. If appropriate check lubrication and lubricate if necessary

For the first month of commissioning

  1. Check chain length take up at adjustment position and tension up if necessary
  2. Check for unusual wear, locate cause and rectify

NOTE: This is usually sprocket alignment

After Three Months

  1. Check chain adjustment and tension as necessary
  2. Change oil, oil filter and clean out sump if automatic lubrication system is being used
  3. Check for any unusual wear pattern, locate cause and rectify as appropriate to prevent further chain damage

Every Three Months

As above.


  1. Carry out all the above
  2. Check for wear marks on chain side linkplates
  3. Check for pitch elongation
  4. Remove all accumulated dirt etc. from the chain
  5. Check shaft and sprocket alignment
  6. Check sprocket teeth for wear
  7. Check lubrication system (if fitted), drain out old residual oil, flush out & refill with new oil
  8. Complete a full visual examination of chain, sprocket and drive system
  9. Complete a full lubrication of the chain
  10. For grease lubricated chains, clean grease must be applied at every chain pitch point and pumped through each chain joint until clean new grease exits.

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