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19.10 Chain Take Up and Adjustment

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When the chain has been fully installed and inspected, complete with any fixtures which may be fitted to it, the site must be cleared and all safety locks / fixtures removed.

  1. The circuit should be physically examined for any obstructions and the chain given a visual inspection to check that all chain joints have been correctly assembled.
  2. The chain will now need to be adjusted to take slack from the system. This is the Take Up Clearance at each Chain Pitch Point.
  3. Run the chain for a short period of time at the slowest possible drive speed if this is possible.
  4. Allow the chain to complete two complete chain circuits.
  5. Apply Initial Chain Adjustment at the Chain Tension Device and run the chain again for two complete circuits.
  6. Check the chain tension again and adjust as necessary.
  7. Repeat as above until satisfactory chain tensioning is achieved. It is important not to over tension the chain.
  8. Check that all Chain Sprocket Shafts are square and adjust the tensioning screws at an equal rate with a few turns at a time. Fully tighten up all Locknuts before running the chain.
  9. Once the chain system has been set up it should be run continuously for 5 hours to allow the chain to “Bed In” and the Bearing Surfaces to settle down / bed in.

Apply lubricant if appropriate and re-check everything before commissioning is completed.

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