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7. Operating Conditions

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The environment in which a chain operates has a significant influence on the designer’s selection. The choice of chain construction, materials and heat treatment, tolerances and any coating or additional surface finish is fundamental in establishing the correct selection. John King as a producer of the widest range of conveyor chains, and without the constraints of only one range of products, is best placed to offer the customer the right chain for the application. Considerations are as follows.

7.1 Degree of cleanliness of the operating environment.
7.2 Abrasive nature of material conveyed.
7.3 Operating temperature.

Operating temperature table 7.3


Adjusted work load

-40° C ~ -20° C

(Maximum allowable work load) x 0,25

-20° C ~ -10° C

(Maximum allowable work load) x 0,30

-10° C ~ 160° C

(Maximum allowable work load) x 1,00

160° C ~ 200° C

(Maximum allowable work load) x 0,75

200° C ~ 300° C

(Maximum allowable work load) x 0,50

7.4 Degree of humidity.
7.5 Presence of corrosive substances.
7.6 Operation within a 24 hour period.
7.7 Loading flucuations.

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