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14. Calculaiton of power required

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Once the MAXIMUM CHAIN PULL has been established, the following calculation for head shaft power requirements should be employed.

    \[  Mt=P\frac{dp}{2}[kgm]  \]

    \[  Mt=716.2\frac{N}{R}[kgm]  \]

Mt = Torque (Kg m)
N = Power CV.Hp or KW)
R = Head Shaft RPM
P = total chain pull
dp = PCD of Drive sprockets (m)

From these two relationships it is concluded

    \[  P\frac{dp}{2}[kgm]=716.2\frac{N}{R}  \]

From which is derived

    \[  N=\frac{P.dp.R}{2.716.2}[CV] \quad alternatively \quad N=\frac{P.dp.R}{2.973.8}[KW]  \]

The useable power output to be established must take into account losses from reduction with chain and belt transmissions.

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