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21.5 Pin and bushing WET erosion

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Pin and bushing WET erosion
fig. 21.5.1

The most destructive form of pin and bushing erosion can be encountered where a combination of abrasion and corrosion in the presence of water is encountered. Of course the rate of erosion is directly dependent on the severity of the conditions.
Erosion is a continuing process wherein the abrasive and corrosive contaminants combine to grode away the steel particles from the bearing surfaces. The corrosion undermines the surface, the abrasion removes it. As material is eroded the cross sectional area reduces and with it the components load bearing capacity.
Some protective coatings can be effective in retarding corrosive attack and abrasive wear. Hardening grades of stainless steel can create an effective means of combating erosion and abrasion. John King technicians are available to assist in component selection.

Pin and bushing WET erosion
fig. 21.5.2

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