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Revolutionary CC600 chain pin design

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Revolutionary CC600 chain pin design

The emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) is an ongoing hazard within LPG filling systems. This may be the result of the normal filling procedure or as a result of many other incidental occurrences during the transport of steel cylinders. It is clear that emissions are an unavoidable hazard within the environment and operators manage the potential consequences as a daily routine.

The conventional means of transport is with chains. The most commonplace being a cast series CC600. This chain has been well received in the industry for decades. It is a chain of robust and simple construction so well suited to the environment. The one disadvantage is the pin retention with rivets so to split the chain requires grinding producing sparks or burning using flame. Clearly both methods are highly undesirable.

We are therefore pleased to introduce the patented CC600F which has a revolutionary pin design offering quick and effective removal without the need for any special tools or equipment.

The unique pin design without the need to rivet allows us to upgrade the pin and include a wear resistant surface. The end result is reduced pitch extension and extended service life.

The product has been tested in the field for an extended period and has proven to be highly effective. We are now pleased to be able to offer CC600F to existing and new gas industry customers.

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