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JKO1437M Heavy Duty Chain Oil

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Product Description

JKO1437M is a revolutionary oil that surpasses the extreme pressure requirements in heavily loaded chains. It has a marked ability to creep into the chain links and stay in position. JKO1437M retains a lasting fine film on the metal surface regardless of how thoroughly the surfaces are wiped.

JKO1437M is heavily-fortified with molybdenum disulphide and carefully calibrated extreme pressure-resistant supplements. Its contains additional supplements for corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and water wash qualities which outperform most conventional chain oils.

JKO1437M dramatically reduces the noise level in a chain system. This prevents scuffing, scoring, galling, pitting and scraping. These major causes of noise and wear are largely eliminated as JKO1437M promotes the near-silent running of chains. Particularly suited for extreme duty chains.

Outstanding Features

  • Penetrates to the links and pins reducing wear and extending chain life,
  • Adhesive additives ensure non-drip, no fling thus providing lasting lubrication,
  • Excellent adhesive characteristics ensures a high degree of water resistance and protects parts from corrosion even in the presence of aggressive materials,
  • Extremely wide temperature range ensures maximum application versatility. Upper operating temperature limit: 140°C.

Technical Data

ISO Viscosity Grade: D-2422 320
Appearance: Visual Gray Black
Density Kg/L @ 15.0°C: D-12980.900
Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C: D-445 320
Flash Point, COC, °C (°F): D-92 220 (428)
Fire Point, COC, °C (°F): D-92 240 (464)
Pour Point, °C (°F): D-97 -20
Four Ball, Wear Scar Dia, mm: D-2266 0.4
Four Ball Weld Load: IP239 620 kg
FZG, Pass Stages: FZG >12
JKO1437M Heavy Duty Chain Oil
  • Block and bar chains
  • Heavy drive chains (JKD series)
  • High duty transmission chains
  • Overhead conveyor chains
  • Steel bush series chains
  • Steel roller conveyor chains
  • Welded steel chains

Pack sizes:
20 l = 5.3 US gallons
205 l = 54 US gallons

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JKO1437M Heavy Duty Chain Oil

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