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JKO1424 Low viscosity oil for high pressures and speeds

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Product Description

CHAIN OIL JKO1424 is a revolutionary oil that surpasses the extreme pressure requirements in heavily loaded chains. It has a marked ability to penetrate chain bearing areas and stay in position. CHAIN OIL JKO1424 oil retains a fine film on the metal surface regardless of how thoroughly it is wiped away.

CHAIN OIL JKO1424 is heavily-fortified with carefully-calibrated, extreme pressure-resistant supplements. The addition of supplements for corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and water wash qualities far outperform those of  ordinary chain oils.

CHAIN OIL JKO1424 dramatically reduces the noise level in a chain system. This prevents scuffing, scoring, galling, pitting and scraping. These major causes of noise (and wear) are largely eliminated and CHAIN JKO1424 promote the near‑silent running of high speed chains.

Technical Data

ISO Viscosity GradeD-242268
Density Kg/L @ 15.0°CD-12980.900
Viscosity, cSt @ 40°CD-445120
Flash Point, COC, °C (°F)D-92220 (428)
Fire Point, COC, °C (°F)D-92240 (464)
Pour Point, °C (°F)D-97-20
Four Ball, Wear Scar Dia, mmD-22660.4
FZG, Pass StagesFZG>12
JKO1424 Low viscosity oil for high pressures and speeds
  • Adapted transmission chains
  • Escalator chains
  • Sharp top chains
  • Steel bush series chains
  • Steel roller conveyor chains
  • Transmission chains

Pack sizes:
20 l = 5.3 US gallons
205 l = 54 US gallons

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Product card

JKO1424 Low viscosity oil for high pressures and speeds

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