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JKO1178G High Temp Chain Oil with Graphite

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Product Description

JKO1178G is based on synthetic esters, is inhibited against oxidation and contains corrosion and extreme pressure additives especially designed for highly loaded and high temperature applications.

JKO1178G is designed for the lubrication of conveyor chains and bearings running continuously at high temperatures up to 225°C, and 550°C as dry film lubricant. Suitable for conveyor chains in drying machines and bakery ovens.

Outstanding Features

  • Fluid lubrication up to 225ºC and dry film up to 550ºC,
  • Excellent lubricity at high temperature,
  • Very low carbon build-up,
  • Low volatility, but clean evaporation,
  • Highly resistant to water,
  • Excellent load carrying properties,
  • Good penetration and wetting performance,
  • Low odour.

Directions for use

JKO1178G is usually applied manually by oil can or brush. Ensure the product is agitated before use.

Technical Data

Appearance: Black coloured liquid
Base fluid: Synthetic ester
Viscosity at 40°C: 220 cSt Min.
Specific Gravity: 1.01
Temperature Range: 10 to 225°C as hydrodynamic wet film lubricant and 550°C as dry film lubricant

JKO1178G High Temp Chain Oil with Graphite
  • Block and bar chains
  • Heavy drive chains (JKD series)
  • High duty transmission chains
  • Overhead conveyor chains
  • Steel bush series chains
  • Steel roller conveyor chains
  • Welded steel chains

Pack sizes:
5 l = 1.32 US gallons
20 l = 5.3 US gallons
205 l = 54 US gallons

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JKO1178G High Temp Chain Oil with Graphite

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