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JKG1436M Long Life Grease with Moly

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Product Description

JKG1436M is a superior quality, extremely stable, calcium sulphonate complex grease with exceptional load carrying capacity. Contains molybdenum disulphide which provides increased protection against load and added protection against component wear in very dusty environments. JKG1436M is designed to provide extended relubrication intervals in a wide range of applications including extreme working conditions. JKG1436M is suitable for use in all types of anti-friction, bearing components and sliding surfaces.

JKG1436M can be applied by hand, or by using a standard grease gun or via a central lubricating system designed for and capable of pumping an NLGI No.2 grease. This makes it particularly suitable for application through chain grease facilities.

Outstanding Features

  • Extends lubrication intervals ensuring maximum cost savings in grease consumption,
  • Highly water resistance and corrosion protection,
  • Excellent EP performance provides protection against premature wear,
  • Highly versatile grease with a wide temperature range.

Directions for use

As with all greases used for the first time, check compatibility with the grease applied previously and if necessary purge chain internals prior to application. Take care not to over-lubricate and apply the quantity of grease recommended by John King.

Technical Data

Appearance: Smooth Gray
NLGI Classification: 2
Thickener: Calcium Sulphonate Complex
Base fluid: Mineral oil
Base Oil Viscosity @40°C (IP 71): 50 cSt
Dropping point (ASTM D2265): >290°C
Water washout (IP 215, ASTM D1264) @ 38°C: <1%
Dynamic corrosion resistance (IP 220): 0:0
Copper corrosion (IP 112): 1a
Moly Content: 5%
Shell Four Ball (IP 239)
Weld load: 800 kgs
Mean Hertz Load: 110 kg
Scar Dia. mm: 0.5
Timken OK load (IP236): 60 lbs (27kg)
Operating temperature range: -30°C to +150°C Short periods 220°C

JKG1436M Long Life Grease with Moly
  • Block and bar chains
  • Heavy drive chains (JKD series)
  • High duty transmission chains
  • Overhead conveyor chains
  • Steel bush series chains
  • Steel roller conveyor chains
  • Welded steel chains

Pack sizes:
400 g = 0.88 lbs cartridge
18 kg = 39.7 lbs
180 kg = 397 lbs

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JKG1436M Long Life Grease with Moly

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