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JKG1315M Assembly Grease

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Product Description

JKG1315M is premium quality soft grease like compound with very high level of molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) content for assembly and running-in purposes. JKG1315M is designed to prevent damage during start up and protect against premature wear during the running in period. JKG1315M is capable of withstanding pressures of up to 100,000 psi (7000 kg/cm2) and is therefore ideal for the assembly of close fitting components or interference fits.

ASSEMBLY GREASE is suitable for the pretreatment of chain bearing, components subject to extreme loads and dust contamination, and can also be used as an anti-seize compound for temperatures up to 250°C

Approved to Defence Standard DEF STAN 80-81/2, NATO CODE S-722, JOINT SERVICE DESIGNATION ZX-38.

Outstanding Features

  • Low friction coefficient provides excellent protection during running-in, prolonging component life,
  • Protection under high load reduces component wear,
  • Provides protection against scuffing during the assembly of interference fits, saving on assembly time,
  • Prevents seizure of threaded components enabling easy and quick dismantling.

Method of application

Apply sparingly with a brush or lint-free cloth to the surfaces to be assembled.

Technical Data

Appearance: Blue/Black smooth paste
Thickener: Inorganic
NLGI Classification: 2
Lubricating Solids: Molybdenum disulphide
Solids content: 50%
Dropping point: Above 260ºC
Copper corrosion (IP 112): 1b
Aluminium corrosion: (mod. IP 112): Negative
Mild steel corrosion: (mod. IP 112): Negative
Shell 4 Ball (IP 239)
Wear load index: 90
Weld load: above 400kg
Coefficient of friction (Timken Test): 0.21

JKG1315M Assembly Grease
  • Block and bar chains
  • Cast link chains
  • Forged for link chains
  • Heavy duty drive chains
  • Rivetless Chains
  • Steel bush series chains
  • Steel roller conveyor chains
  • Welded steel chains

Pack sizes:
3 kg = 6.6 lbs
50 kg = 110.2 lbs
180 kg = 397 lbs

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JKG1315M Assembly Grease

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