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New partnership

New partnership

28 September 2017Company
Kåre Söderberg
Kåre Söderberg
ScanChain logo

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of an equity share in the dynamic Scandinavian Chain and Sprocket business ScanChain. The purchase is in support of a takeover of the business by the sales Director Kåre Söderberg who was one of the original founders in 2009.

Kare is married to Dorthe and has two Children a son of 9 and a daughter of 4. They live in Central Zeeland about 45 kilometres from Copenhagen. Having studied mechanics and international sales and marketing Kare has worked in the Chain Industry since 2005. Prior to Scan Chain he was employed by a major Chain Group as Sales Manager in Denmark.

We see this union as a logical part of our expansion strategy with reciprocal benefits. Through ScanChain we have not only gained access to the Scandinavian market, but have enhanced our commercial and technical expertise within the Group. We have always identified Kåre as one of the key operators in the chain market and an individual who is customer driven, technically competent and ambitious in his plans for the future.

The UK business has also been through a recent re-structuring with a principal objective to consolidate share ownership in line with the Company’s tried and tested strategy of controlled expansion on a Global basis. The outcome is a total commitment amongst the shareholders to the promotion of this worthy objective.

David Wadsworth the Managing Director stated that the alliance between John King and ScanChain comes at a time when there has never been such a high degree of optimism for the future of a long established British Manufacturing Business and all those associated with it.

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