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John King BulkMaster

Benefits of BulkMaster handling systems

SINGLE SOURCE – Full design and manufacturing service.

REDUCED CAPITAL COSTS – As compared to alternative systems.

LOWER POWER CONSUMPTION – Significantly reduced.

LOW COST OF MAINTENANCE – Robust construction employing best materials.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Dust and weatherproof casings.

HEALTH AND SAFETY COMPLIANT – Safety assured construction.

VERSATILITY AND ADAPTABILITY– Best option in considering plant layout.

King BulkMaster Elevating
King BulkMaster Conveying
Forged fork link chains
Forged fork link chains - T Type Attachments
Forged fork link chains - Double Flight Bolted Construction
Forged fork link chains - U Type Attachments
Manganese wear rail - Work hardening properties
Chain sprockets - solid, split, segmental design

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