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Non metallic chain and sprockets

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Non metallic chain and sprockets
  1. Shear pin sprocket
    11 tooth PM78/11T/sp sprocket to a unique and proven design offers effective overload protection to the drive. (Contact engineering for full information).
  2. Chain tensioner
    offers simple slideway take up as pitch extension and resulting chain elongation develops over service life.
  3. Combination sprockets
    UHMWP Tooth profile and offset cast iron hub to allow clearance over wall mounted bearing unit. PM78/40T being a typical sprocket configuration.
  4. Sprockets
    Standard diameters at 23 tooth and 17 tooth (19, 21 and 25 tooth also available). In cast nylon or UHMW polyethylene.
    Configured with the Hunter style tooth form known as double life profile with chain saver rims. Split construction or solid construction. (Can be used with metallic and non metallic chains).
  5. Non metallic chain
    PM78 2.609” drive chain manufactured from Acetal material with 304 SS chain pins with knurled feature for positive retention, combined with easy extraction.
  6. Non metallic screen
    CHAIN 720S is the latest generation collector chain, lightweight, corrosion resistant and proven to deliver excellent service life over an extended period. Links are manufactured in Kings ‘in house’ plastics division subject to the dictates of ISO9000. Manufactured from Acetal Engineering Plastic PM720S includes the unique T head snap in pin design which obviates the need for separate and vulnerable pin retainers. Chain saver sidebars extend service life of chain and sprockets.

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