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John King Excel High Duty Drive Chain

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John King uniquely manufacture an uprated range of offset side bar drive chain under “Excel” this follows the standard dimensionally but has been uprated in critical areas to offer improvements in service life and operational reliability. This products is normally available to order at 4.00” pitch and above. It has performed where other manufactures have failed.

John King Excel High Duty Drive Chain
John King Excel High Duty Drive Chain
John King Excel High Duty Drive Chain - drawing
  1. Uprated link plate material. Heated treated for maximum strength and integrity.
  2. Optimum material and heat treatment will maintain smooth gearing performance through the service life of the chain.
  3. Increased bush wall thickness to accommodate increased bearing pressures.
  4. Oil hole at two points through bush to allow ingress of lubricant to bearing pin surface.
  5. Best specification for chain bearing pin will see reliable and extended operation.
  6. Grease facility through pin to allow introduction of lubrication into critical areas.
  7. Anti rotation flat to provide positive mechanical retention to pin.

For extra high duty applications consider the uprated Excel standard available in sizes above JK4063. The Excel standard has proven reliability in the more difficult applications with significant extension in chain service life.

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