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John King Chains regularly supply the highest quality conveyor chains and sprockets to the timber industry. We can also supply all the ancillary components you need.

Our company can offer all sorts of materials, heat treatments and flight formats including those for both drag and enmasse handling.

Our log handling chains are used by companies all over the world, including throughout Europe and in North America. Our timber chains include forged link chains which are one of the most reliable conveying mediums, offering a combination of versatility, strength and abrasion-resistance.

Log handling chains ideal for the paper and pulp industry.

We also have Offset Sidebar Welded Steel Chains which are highly popular in America and offer a simple and robust construction. These chains offer a better method for conveying most materials and are great for log handling.

Other products include Offset Sidebar Welded Steel Chains intended for applications where joint and barrel diameter wear are an issue.

If you need want chains for the most aggressive log yard applications, our Metric Welded Bush Chains could be the perfect solution. They’re often used for applications where there’s continued impact and abrasion and include heat treated parts.

If you’re looking for suppliers of log handling chains, why not find out more about John King Chains today?

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