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Sugar Industry Chain

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Do you work in the sugar industry and require a cane or intercarrier chain? Here at john King Chians we have facility to produce both standard bespoke chain construction for a whole spectrum of construction, material handling processes. With our selection of sugar industry chains including chains,  equivalent to Ewart, Donghua and Tsubaki,  we guarantee to offer commercial advantage and overall chain performance.

Here at John King Chains, we have over 90 years experience in construction of conveyor chains. Whether  you require a chain to carry sugar cane and beet, you can be confident that we will offer advantages in all stages of process. Our most typical type of chain is an Engineering class chain, which are found throughout the process of the introduction of cane to the finished product transported, including, feed tables, cane carrier intercarrier and boiler conveyor chains.

We offer can help you with harvester chains, sugar mill chains, boiler gate chains, feed conveyors and cane carrier chains to name just a few.

We are extremely confident that we can support you in every area of the plant whether in cane or beet processing.

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