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At John King Chains we offer a wide choice of engineered steel chains, including ISO 1977 and DIN 8167 metric steel conveyor chains, which are the most universally used European standard and can meet most mechanical handling requirements.

These engineered steel chains are available with standard, large or flanged rollers, and are commonly used in bush form found in timber transport.

Our DIN 8165 Metric Steel Chains are also frequently used in timber products and construction machinery. Although not as extensive with higher strengths, they are available in bush, standard and large roller together with flanged roller.

We also regularly construct welded steel chains which are ideal for heavier link plates for increased wearing surfaces and come in a wide range of sizes and specifications to ensure your equipment benefits from superior strength, superior impact resistance and extended service life.

We also supply American standard welded steel chains with most common series held on stock in our UK factory. These chains are typically employed heavy duty applications where optimum material and heat treatment selection is necessary for increased product lifetime and chain performance. Typical industries include log and timber processing applications.

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