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When searching for specialist chain manufacturers, don’t forget to check out John King Chains for products that are of the finest quality.

Established in 1926, John King Chains have over a hundred years of experience in the manufacture of strong and stable chains for a wide range of industries.

Our early success was down to the rapid mechanical development of the coal industry. Back then, we specialised in cast link construction, in particular ductile irons and steel.

World leaders in the manufacture of conveyor chains.

Our specialist chain manufacturers always aim to produce high quality products that will ensure performance reliability and extended service life. Today, John King Chains offer the widest choice of conveyor chains of any manufacturer, making us ideal for companies in both the UK and North America.

All products are manufactured according to ISO 9000 and have undergone rigorous testing. The company have invested in a 100 ton pull testing machine for this purpose.

Our range include British Standard and American Standard chains with a range of attachments available, along with a wide choice of sprockets. With an infinite number of chain types to choose from, you can easily find the correct one for your industry.

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