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Roller Chains For The Industrial And Domestic Sectors

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As an international organisation, John King Chains produce chains for a wide range of industries, including roller chains for the transmission of mechanical power.

Believed to have been invented in the 1880s, roller chains encourage a smoother operation with less surging and lower friction levels which allows for longer centre distances.

This type of chain requires less horse power, so enables equipment to have smaller motors which can significantly reduce operational costs, and they’re ideal for low to medium drives at around 600-800 feet per minute.

When you link up with John King Chains, you’ll have a trusted supplier for all mechanical handling equipment, including the widest range of conveyor chains of any manufacturer.

Our products include roller conveyor chains which are ideal for domestic, industrial and agricultural machinery.

Our highly trained team can help you source the right chains by taking in a wide range of factors, including materials, heat treatment, tolerances, coatings and additional surface finishes.

John King Chains have recently joined the ABMEC, otherwise known as the Association of British Mining Equipment Companies.

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