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Have you been attempting to find an engineering company who can manufacture and provide you with a durable and functional grain conveyor? By utilising our expertise here at John King Chains, you will be able to receive the specialist handling equipment and machinery you require to complete your grain collection and storage.

For machines which handle various materials, it’s important for them to be able to survive without regular use, especially when it comes to a machine as specific as a grain conveyor. With lengthy times where it may not be used, the machinery needs to be reliable, especially for when the harvest season begins. Along with being reliable, it needs to be easy to repair with spares being available, allowing you to ensure that it is in full working order when the grain conveyor is required.

The John King company was established back in 1926. With early success, our company is now extensive, working within a great selection of industries across the globe; including the bakery industry, cement industry, sugar industry, timber industry, palm oil industry and more.

We’re a company which has always been focussed on providing quality products and services – all of our products are manufactured within our quality management and standards, adhering to the ISO9000. This ensures that we offer high quality products, performance reliability and extend service life.

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