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Order Conveyor Chains For The Grain Industry

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Whether you use British or American-style equipment, John King Chains can supply the finest quality chains for your machinery.

We produce an extensive range of products for the cereals processing industry, including Cast Combination Trough Scraper Chains which combine strength and wear-strength with unbeatable ductility. Our other products for grain conveyors include:

  • Combination Elevator Chains which are commonly used with F attachments.
  • Flush Roller Box Scraper Chains which conform to British standards BS 4116 in all areas with the exception of the D2 roller dimensions.
  • Twin Trace Roller Chains which are a popular choice in milling applications.
  • ‘The Grain Chain’ which are the most commonly found running gear in American roller chain series 81X.
  • Metric Trough Scraper Chains which when produced in larger volumes, are a highly economical option.
  • Forged Link Standard Series which are the leading product in this series, providing reliable conveying strength

All our chains are produced according to ISO 9000 which ensures excellent reliability and extended service life.

One of Britain’s longest running chain manufacturers, John King Chains have been this industry since 1926 and are proud of our heritage.

Why not explore our range of conveyor chains today? Or take a look at our catalogue today for more information.

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