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As an international organisation, John King Chains provide mechanical handling equipment to a wide range of companies through the UK and North America.

Our products include roller conveyor chains which are ideal for the transmission of mechanical power and used in all sorts of agricultural, industrial and domestic machinery.

These types of chains encourage a much smoother operations and require less surging, with lower friction allowing for longer centre distances. They also require less horse power, meaning they can have smaller motors and operational costs tend to be much lower.

The simplest example of this type of chain is the small one used on bicycles. At John King Chain we offer all different styles of roller chains for your equipment, including bush roller chains.

Connect with John King Chains and you’ll have a company that offer the widest range of conveyor chains of any manufacturer.

We can help you choose the right chains according to the choice of chain construction, materials and heat treatment, tolerances and coatings, along with additional surface finishes.

Our products include roller conveyor chains which are used for all sorts of equipment.

John King Chain frequently appear at events both in the US and the UK, including the Timber Processing and Energy Expo in Oregan.

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