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Chains are found in all sorts of industries, including those which require a versatile means of transmitting mechanical power.

At John King Chains, we have a range of transmission chains, including hollow pin roller chains and nickel-plated roller chains. Whether you’re after British or American standard transmission chains, John King Chains are always happy to help. We have a long-standing relationship with the United States, which means we have a massive range of American standard chains of all types.

Furthermore, John King Chains have the widest range of conveyor chains of any manufacturer, with infinite chain types in a variety of materials and constructions, including welded steel chains, engineered steel chains, and engineered plastic chains.

The highest quality chains at competitive prices.

Our chains are used for a number of industry mechanical handling applications, including Cement, Asphalt and Mining, Sugar, Timber, Cereals, Palm Oil, Water Treatment, Bakery and Oven Chains.

In addition to our quality chains, we also supply full technical support and product training.

You can read more about the specifications of our transmission chains in our catalogue. 

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