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Need to Purchase a Bucket Elevator Chain?

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If you’re looking to purchase bucket elevator chains, why not look to a company with nearly a hundred years of experience producing strong and hardy chains?

Established in Leeds in 1925, John King Chains are a leading manufacturer of first-class conveyor chains and sprockets for a wide range of industries. Our origins lie in the production of cast link chains in iron and steel and we have forged strong links with the North American market over the past few decades.

We have enjoyed a long association with the United States and, as far back as the 1950s, have been market leaders in chain production. Following Brexit, we believe there’s no better time to reinforce that special relationship between America and Britain.

Our bucket elevator chains are guaranteed to be manufactured to the highest standards and are suitable for a wide range of industries. We are looking to continually improve our quality management system, using techniques to identify problems before they occur.

Working in association with the British Mining Equipment Companies, John King Chains believe in continuous process improvement.

If you’re looking to purchase a bucket elevator chain, look towards John King Chains today.

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