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At John King Chains we have a wide selection of chains suitable for the timber industry, including wood processing chains, along with a bespoke manufacturing service which is ideal for special series paper roll chains.

Whether you require welded steel chains, forged links or M series chains, our expert team can help you track down your perfect product.

The timber industry is one of the key sectors for John King Chains and we’re a supplier for many companies who use both European equipment and American technology, with our company specialising in both American and British standard chains.

Clients who use our wood processing chains include particle board manufacturers who produce chip board, medium density fibreboard and OSB. Our popular products are our comprehensive series of sharp top chains according to BA and ASA standards.

For the purposes of transmission, we have extended pitch chains along with various hybrids based on transmission chain construction such as pushers, top rollers and a range of special attachments. John King Chains nearly always have the most popular sizes in stock, so you have what you need when you need it.

If you need to order a wood processing chain, why not discover more about our products for the timber industry?

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