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Need To Order A Quality Chain Drive?

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Established over 90 years ago in 1926, John King Chains have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the United States which continually goes from strength to strength. As a British company, we pride ourselves on keeping alive that ‘special relationship’ of which Winston Churchill spoke during the Second World War.

If you need to order chain drives of the finest quality, John King Chains promise to deliver in terms of quality and strength, competitiveness of price and customer service.

Our origins are in the production of cast link chains in iron and steel, but we’ve since developed to encompass all types of chain, including Welded Steel chains and engineering class chains, and now offer the widest range of conveyor chains on the market.

We have a wide choice of roller chains to choose from, along with a selection of sprockets. Whether you’re looking to order a chain drive or swivel and bracket, John King Chains pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products.

If you need to order a chain drive, simply get in touch today. Or read our quality statement for more information today.

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