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Would you like to connect with a company that produce the biggest range of conveyor chains?

John King Chains are experienced experts when it comes to producing chains for all sorts of conveyors, including those from the grain industry. Whatever type of production line you specialise in, we can ensure you have the strong and reliable chains needed to keep your business moving.

Linking up with John King Chains is guaranteed to be a recipe for success. We have experience manufacturing chains and sprockets for all sorts of market sectors.

Founded in 1926, we have been producing chains for conveyors for over 90 years and have expanded to encompass the North American market. As far back as the 1950s, we have been market leaders in cast link chain production in this country.

Our origins lie in cast link chains in iron and steel, later expanding to produce chains in welded steel along with engineering class chains.  Industries we cover today include the bakery, cement, sugar, timber, theme park, palm oil, asphalt and water treatment industries.

John King Chains frequently appear at a number of fairs and events, which are listed on our website, so if you want to meet us, you’re  more than welcome to do so.

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