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Manufacturers Of Roller Chains

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Searching for a leading supplier of roller chains for your equipment?

An international organisation, John King Chains are true experts when it comes to all types of conveyor chains including roller chains.

Our company has a long and rich history when it comes to producing chains, having initially been established to meet the demands of the coal industry. We’ve been around since 1926 and have evolved over the course of the 20th century to become a leading manufacturer of robust and dependable chains for all kinds of equipment.

Our origins lie in cast link chains made of iron and steel, but we’ve since expanded to cover many industries.

Our name is synonymous with the best of British and our team pride ourselves on our quality and value for money.

We promise the best quality chains that meet the demands of even the most hard-wearing equipment, including roller chains. Our team pride ourselves on our manufacturing excellence and are looking to expand in the next few years, particularly when it come to the North American market. We have recently become members of the ABMEC along with the PDDA.

If you’re looking for manufacturers of roller chains, don’t forget to discover more about John King Chains today.

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