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Looking to Purchase a Strong Cast Chain?

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A good chain should be as flexible as a rope but rigid and loadbearing when it comes to strength.

Whether you choose our cast chains for instances where corrosion or heat are an issue, or our transmission chains for transmitting motion, you’re guaranteed to be buying a chain which is strong and 100% reliable.

Among our range of cast chains is the Forged Link Standard Series which offers a combination of versatility, strength and corrosion resistance.

These chains contain a variety of materials, heat treatments and flight formats, making them ideal for either drag or enmass handling.

We also have the double series which follows the standard format but has a forged ‘double clevis’ into which a scraper can be mounted, and a flight blade that can be retained by either a U bolt or standard fasteners. Double strand allows for greater fluidity for discharged, making them ideal for conveying sticky materials.

Furthermore, we also have the forged triple link series which allows for a versatile means or flight retention for both steel and plastic options.

Our chains are suitable for a wide range of industries, including the bakery, cement, sugar, timber, theme park, palm oil and asphalt production industry.

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