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Does your industry require quality chains to support with one or many processes? Whether you’re in manufacturing or transportation of goods, chains are used in many different ways. Whether it’s on assorting machines or vehicles themselves, you will require quality chains to provide its functionality, along with chain spares in the event of an issue.

We’ve provided an array of conveyor chain spares for over 80 years, making us the leading producer and manufacturer of conveyor chains for the construction industry in particular.

Our expertise lie within mechanical handling equipment, having gained a unique insight into the special demands of heavy duty conveyor, elevator chains and associated running gear. This experience enabled John King Chains to grow and establish a world-renowned reputation for quality supply and exceptional long term service to the industry.

It’s extremely unique that we offer such a diverse selection of chains suitable for multiple industry mechanical handling applications, including Cement, Asphalt & Mining, Sugar, Timber, Cereals, Palm Oil, Water Treatment, Bakery and Oven Chains.

Whatever chain you require from our team, you can always put your faith in our chain manufacturers.

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